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About Us


The Mochi Oven bakes modern, Asian-inspired mochi desserts with an elevated, contemporary approach using clean and simple ingredients. 


Our Mochi


Our single-serve mochi cakes are baked fresh in small batches using locally-sourced, quality ingredients, including sweet rice flour from the notable Koda Farms in California. Our signature Toasted Almond mochi cake is the original creation that started it all. It is buttery and nutty with hints of caramel, and has a slightly crispy exterior and a soft, chewy interior. New and seasonal flavors are introduced after some serious eating for quality control.   


Allie’s Story


I grew up in San Francisco Chinatown surrounded by the sweet, comforting aromas of Asian pastries and desserts wafting through streets in the early morning hours. 


As an adult, I wanted to share similar nostalgic childhood flavors and aromas with my daughter, except I wanted something of higher quality, with transparent ingredients that were understandable and not overloaded with sugar.  So not being satisfied with what was currently on the market, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started baking my own Asian-inspired desserts using rice-based mochi flour because of its distinct chewy texture that’s common in many Asian desserts. It then became apparent to me that modern Asian desserts were not widely available especially outside of traditional Asian markets and pastry shops, so I felt a desire to change that. After spending countless hours researching, baking, and sharing my mochi creations, I had found a harmonious balance of flavor, texture, and size that delighted my palette and my heart and brought me so much joy and excitement to share with others! 




To create and share an elevated, Asian-inspired dessert brand by combining my childhood memories with modern sensibilities.

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